Tuesday, 28 July 2009

My Boy.....

Two years have passed since I kissed Prince goodbye. Two years. We never spent two weeks apart, so to think that I haven't physically seen him for two years is hard to comprehend. In some ways, it seems a long time ago, and in others it seems like only yesterday that he was chewing bones on the rug.

I hear a lot of people saying that it gets easier, and that time is a great healer, and so on. I'm not sure I really agree with that. Yes, you become less raw. Yes, you come to accept what's happened a little more. Yes, you adapt to a certain extent. But heal? I don't know. Perhaps on the surface, but there's always that underlying feeling that there's something missing. Something not right. Something out of place. I know that I'll never be quite 'me' again without him. I miss him more than I could ever describe.


Linda Seid Frembes said...

Good to see you posting again! Glad you are well and sorry that you are missing your boy. Hugs to you and Tilly, and a special kiss to Prince.

Patience-please said...

I'm sure Prince is happy that Tilly is helping you along.

Lesley Rigby said...

We will never mend. We loved him too much but it was so easy and we have no regrets.

Beanz said...

Hooray for you posting!
Glad Tilly is settling nicely.
Understand about Prince.



Damian said...

Still deeply missed but no doubt he's looking down on the "new recruits" and smiling.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Graham, I don't think we ever completely heal the hole of pain we feel from losing our pets. When we first got Ben I thought he would help to fill the hole left behind by losing Cole but to no avail. I think that I am only creating a new soft spot with Ben that will one day become another hole when we lose him. Bridget has a soft spot of her own within me as well. I expect I'll look like a bit of swiss cheese inside when all is said and done.

I wish you well as you tend to that part of you where Prince resides. What a lucky boy to have had you as his human.

Thank you for stopping by my place. Bridget is doing well, much better now that we've been able to stop the progression of the disease. We are all adjusting to the routine of the meds.

Take care. {HUGS}

sama said...

oh graham. when i read what you wrote about your boy, it brought back so vividly when our darling topsy was put to sleep, after being hit by a car. you're right. absolutely right. there is a part of you which will ache evermore for your boy. tilly occupies a different place in your heart - as precious, in so many ways, but not the same. not the same. my darling little girl is a joy, but there is a permanent longing for topsy. and it's been many years now.

graham, be sure that EVERYONE understands how you feel, and equally certain that prince guided you and tilly to be together. he knew how much you would miss him. and he's waiting for you. one day, you WILL be together again.