Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sarah & George

Sarah left a comment on my last post, as her very handsome labrador, George, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Many of the people who still check back on this blog know just what a devastating and frightening thing this can be, so please click through to her blog and offer any support you can.

We're sending lots of love and healing thoughts......


Sarah said...

Thank you Graham and Tilly for thinking about us and mentioning us on your blog! Quite a suprise to see us both smiling back! George goes in for his first chemo treatment on Wednesday so fingers crossed it goes ok and he doesn't react too badly. Will keep you posted!

sama said...

i truly hope that george's treatment goes well for him, and that sarah keeps positive.

how is tilly's leg, graham?

it's about time you started blogging again!!!!