Sunday, 21 December 2008

Better Late Than Never.....

I'm sooooo sorry that I haven't posted for sooooooo looooong. Everyone's been leaving kind, helpful, and enquiring comments, and I've been nowhere to be seen.

The main reason for my absence has been that I've just started a new job. Well, I suppose you could say that I've started a 'new' old job. I've returned to a company that I left a couple of years ago, so it's kind of familiar, but not. I've been in London and Dublin over the past couple of weeks, so have had no time for blogging, Christmas preparations, or any sort of non-work related activity. Tilly has been at her Grandparents house for three or four days each week, carefully casting a spell over them. The magic has been very effective - she gets 100% attention, and whatever she wants. No change there then.

We're now approaching the sixth week of her incarceration and she's started doing some very limited walking. We started a week ago with five minutes a day, and we're now at the dizzy heights of about ten or eleven minutes a day. Both she and I are considering entering the Sumo world champtionships next year, we've put on so much weight.

Jokes apart, she's coped with this awful period far better than I have. Yes, she's been frustrated and a bit fed up at times, but she has an amazing ability to make the best of a bad situation. I've been going crazy without fresh air and exercise. It's wonderful to be out now though - even for such a short time each day.

Her leg seems to be holding out quite well at the moment. She had a couple of days of lameness a few weeks ago, but has been pretty much OK since. I'm taking the build up of excercise really slowly, as it would be simply terrible if we went back to square one at this stage. I'm sure she will have bouts of lameness now and again, and there are some things that we used to do that we probably won't be able to do now, but I'm looking forward to getting back to some degree of 'normal walking'.

I now need to do some Christmas preparations. Less than a week to go and there's not a decoration in sight. I do have a wreath on the door, but that's it. Like last year, I bought a second wreath that I'll take down to 'Princes Bridge' and put up for him. I'm determined to be happy and festive for Tilly this year, as it was so hard last year, but it's really tough at times.

I also need to catch up with everyones blogs over the next few days. Thanks so much for your kind and helpful comments, please don't think that because I'm useless at posting and commenting with any regularity, I don't appreciate them.

One final thing before the festive scramble begins......

Happy Christmas and love to you all - humans, the dogs at our feet, and those in our hearts.


Flowerpot said...

and the samne to you Graham and Tilly. Take care.

sama said...

graham, lovely to see you blogging again! tilly will get through this, i am sure!

google has been very patient with me, for the past twenty days, while i have been fighting the norovirus, and both of us are pretty desperate to get out too!

best of luck with your new job, and a licky kiss from google to tilly!