Thursday, 10 April 2008

Goodnight Cole

Teresa lost her beloved Cole yesterday, and I'm sure she's probably in pieces at the moment. Yet another wonderful and loving dog taken away by Lymphoma. Life is so damned cruel at times.

There's really nothing you can say to make things any better under these circumstances, but I'm sure we're all sending a lot of love and support in Teresa, Kevin and Bridgets direction......


shelby said...

Hi Graham & Tilly
Long time since I checked your blog, however tonight i've been hooked by all the up to date info on yourself and Tilly. It's been 10 months since we lost Benji to lymphoma and 7 months since we brought a lovely Choccy Labrador Bailey into our lives. I've since deleted Bailey's blog as I just wasn't keeping it up to date, but he's a stunning dog with lots of love and we wouldn't be without him, everday we still think of Benji as i'm sure you are the same with Prince.
I would like to thank you for keeping people informed and up date with fellow people who are going through what most of us have gone through in the last few years with our pets.
Your kind works whilst Benji's illness was taking it's toll kept me going and I felt as though I knew you and Prince personally.
Keep up your good work and even how frequent it is keep your blog going you really should appreciate how it has helped many people.
Michelle & Bailey x

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Graham, for your kind tribute to Cole and all the joy she brought us. It's been a tough couple of days...finding comments like yours, and the other online friends I've made through this experience, have helped immensely in getting through this.

Take care,
Teresa (and Cole) and Bridget

DogBoy said...

RIP - Cole :[
Must be sooo hard for them!!!