Sunday, 16 March 2008

She Likes It Rough…..

Especially with a handsome lurcher. But if you’ve reached this post through Google, you’re going to be very disappointed, because I don’t mean that she likes ‘it’ rough. Tilly likes rough games with her doggy pals – and it frightens the daylights out of me if I’m honest.

Tilly’s the sort of dog that tends to bounce, thank goodness. The more another dog cannons into her, the more she seems to enjoy it. She met up with some friends at Chester Racecourse a couple of days ago, and her favourite is a young lurcher who loves to chase her around the track at ludicrous speeds. Now of course, lurchers love to chase. And Tilly loves to be chased. She’s not at all worried about the fact that being ‘caught’ usually involves her being crashed into at speed, and rolling over several times before coming to a stop. My heart’s in my mouth the whole time, but whilst I’d love to wrap her in cotton wool and carry her around all the time, I can’t. She’s a youthful, exuberant dog who is totally consenting in these matters. So much so that we’ve decided to invent a new sport – ‘Tilly coursing’. It’s a bit like hare coursing, but with willing prey. She plays on the basis that when the time comes, roles are reversed, and she gets to chase her friends around the course and they let her ‘catch’ them occasionally.

And The Award Goes To......!!!!!!!

Thanks Fiona, that's really kind - especially when you have so many other things to think about.

Now, I'm going to cheat again and award it to all those who read this blog - you all make me smile with your posts and comments......

Friday, 7 March 2008

Weasel Work

This is Tilly, trying to convince me that a game with 'Weasel' would be preferable to work. Of course, she's quite right, but sometimes it's just not an option. The last few days have been a little like that - it's been hectic. My apologies to all those whose blogs I should have been reading and simply haven't had time visit - I'll catch up soon.

I did want to put a quick post up to echo Linda and encourage everyone to visit Fionas blog. She's having such a hard time at the moment, and whilst I can empathise fully with her devastation at having lost Yogi last week, I can't imagine how hard it must be with the added worry of her Mum being ill.

I also wanted to mention a lady called Teresa who left a lovely comment on my previous post which led me to her blog. She has two wonderful dogs - Cole and Bridget, and unfortunately Cole has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma. Teresa has taken the brave step of choosing not to pursue chemotherapy treatment with her, but to make her as happy and comfortable as she can over the coming months. It's a route I considered with Prince, and a small part of me still wishes I had. Cole seems to be having a wonderful time at the moment, with visits to the beach and lots of cuddles. I'd encourage you to have a look - like so many blogs that have sprung up as a result of Lymphoma diagnosis it's peppered with humour (often the thing that gets us through) and I particularly like the 'Semi-Casual Look'!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

I'm So Lucky.....

Yes, I know that may seem to be a slightly odd statement. Especially coming from me, as someone who has spent a large proportion of the last year bemoaning his lack of fortune and the darkness of unexpected events.

So why on earth might I consider myself lucky? During rare moments of clarity, it's fairly straightforward. Firstly, I had the absolute privilege of spending nearly eight years of my life in the company of Prince. I was the richest man on the planet during that time, and no stock-market crash can ever take away what he so generously gave to me.

Secondly, I'm lucky because Prince introduced me to Tilly. Those of you that have been reading this blog for some time may recall that when I visited the RSPCA centre, Tilly was 'not for re-homing'. Orange paws were certainly at work when I asked why, and discovered it was a mistake and that she could indeed choose me to take her home if she so wished.

She did, and proved that in characteristic style, Prince continued to look out for me even after he'd moved on to his new adventure. And she's utterly fantastic. Buzzy, licky, dafty, bouncy, fantastic. Yes, she drives me crazy at times, but Prince couldn't have chosen a better sister.

Do you see? I'm the luckiest man on earth. I also have the best family I could wish for, even if they REALLY drive me crazy at times, and some damned good friends. I have a house that's reasonably warm, and struggle not to eat too much. I'm lucky.

The only unfortunate thing is that sometimes it takes others grief to remind you just how lucky you are.

A wise big brother......

And his little sister, maintaining the tradition of a cat-free garden.....