Tuesday, 26 February 2008


I've just read the awful news that Fiona had to say goodbye to Yogi this morning. Another beautiful, fun-loving dog, cruelly taken from those who love him by Lymphoma.

He was utterly georgeous, and an absolute credit to his 'human family' who helped to give him the strength and love to battle the disease so courageously. They were also able to provide the ultimate kindness in helping him move onto the next level when the time came.

It's horrendous to know that someone else is having to deal with the numbness, shock, and utter devastation that I went through when I lost my little boy.

There's nothing I can say that will help, so let's all just send lots of love and support to Yogi's family.

Have a safe journey, Yogi-bear, and if a little chap called Prince comes along to help guide you in your new adventure - tell him I love him.....


Jasmine said...

please help send our regards to Fiona... we know it's hard to say goodbye; and how difficult the journey without Yogi will be.

our hearts are with her.

(aint on Blogger - cant leave comments)

Nunhead Mum of One said...

What awful news, please send my best to Fiona.

It's awful when this happens, I can still remember (with tears in my eyes) when we had to say goodbye to our own Bear. He was lethargic, his kidney problems were affecting his whole body and he had gone from a lovely bouncy dog to a thin version of himself. It took him half an hour to walk from living room to kitchen......until the day I said to him "Shall we go and see the vet?". I swear that he ran up to the front door, tail wagging. It was then that I knew he actually wanted to go.

He's still here with me.

Flowerpot said...

Please send my best to Fiona - poor thing I really do feel for her.

Beanz said...

How very sad. Our thoughts to Fiona and to you too. It hurts when you get reminded of a hard goodbye.

DoGGa said...

RIP Yogi! :'(