Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Trotters Travels

Tilly has been a true ray of light over the past few months. Carrying on the tradition laid down by Prince, she makes me proud every day. She's had so many new experiences since August, and almost without exception, she takes them in her stride.

As I mentioned in my previous post, she came across some potentially very frightening sights and sounds in Chester last week, but simply continued to wag furiously at any passer-by whose eye she managed to catch. She's getting much better with cows and horses, although we still have some way to go. Her recall is excellent now that I've realised that unlike Prince, who was rarely more than twenty feet away, she regularly explores a good two hundred feet away. As long as it's safe for her to do so, I can let her get on with it and be happy in the knowledge that she'll come flying back as soon as I blow the whistle. She hasn't left any puddles in the house for about a month now. She's a little angel.

One thing that she still enjoys, given half a chance, is a good old smooch with a stranger. Woe betide any person who leans down to say hello on first meeting. A very pleasant lady with two dogs did this only a few days ago, and was handsomely rewarded with a thorough gum-washing, courtesy of Miss Tilly. Unlike her earlier victim, who I posted about here, this recipient seemed to quite enjoy the experience and wasn't at all repulsed. This seemed to make the achievement slightly less satisfying for Tilly, but did save me some embarrassment......

Blurred, but still makes me smile regardless.....!


Patience-please said...

Oh I just love that photo; those eyes! I have to search back in your blog so I can see how old Tilly is, and how long you've had her. Sounds like she's making great strides.


Kerrio said...

Heya Tilly! Looking good!

Flowerpot said...

dear girl - what a lovely photograph!

Harry said...

Bless Tilly, it sounds like she's a brave girl for coping so well with all the sights and sounds in Chester, and is doing so well with her recall training! I fear I will never be allowed of lead now, as I never have been in my life, and I am tuned out totally to ma when we're out walking. Ah well, I still enjoy my walks.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Fiona said...

Gum washings are the best!

Balboa & Mommy said...

OH Tilly,

what a cutie you are, I'm glad you are coming along in training your dad! hee hee

Frenchie Snorts