Friday, 30 November 2007

TFI Friday.....

....for those non-UK based readers, that's 'Thank F**k It's Friday' - although for all I know it may be an internationally known abbreviation.

It's been one heck of a week. Tilly has been grounded, and resting her leg. I must thank everyone for their very useful comments on my previous post as to how to keep her occupied. We've done bits and pieces of training (bits being the operative word), lots of kong stuffing, much waving around of stuffed toys, and a lot of ambling around the house. By the end of the day on Tuesday, I was suffering from serious cabin fever and losing the will to live. Tilly, on the other hand, has coped really well considering her hyperactive nature and hasn't lost her lust for life at all.

I've been giving her Metacam, which could be masking things, but she seems quite sound on the leg now. We've had one or two very short lead walks that she's coped with well, and I'm planning on stopping the Metacam now to see how she gets on. The sooner we can build back up to normal walking, the better!

She spent Wednesday night at her Grandparents house, as I had to attend another awards ceremony. She had a lovely evening, being entertained and spoiled, whilst I had to endure more PR shenanigans. The only two ''famous' faces in attendance were Craig from the original 'Big Brother' series (beyond Z-list by now I would have thought) and Gary Neville (who plays football I understand....) who I'm sure was only there because he lives in a penthouse at the top of the hotel. Beautiful girls were abundant, but unfortunately few had more than three brain cells between them, and none were wearing tweed - which rules them out as future wives........

The 'aulds' and my brother and his partner are coming for dinner tomorrow night. Tilly has been preparing by loosening some hairs to deposit in the main course, and herding all her toys into one place for ease of access.

Prince had a very wiry coat, and his hairs were rarely an issue. Tilly has very silky, fine hair that seems to end up everywhere. Quite how it ends up in the butter dish, all over the sink in the bathroom, and stuck to my monitor screen I do not know......


Lesley Rigby said...

Less of the 'aulds'!!

She had more than one lovely evening she had 2 full days plus one lovely evening with your Dad and I doing our best to entertain her.

She also entertained herself by doing 4-5 laps at 100mph around my lounge and dining room, making lovely track marks in my new "Ivory" carpet! The carpet arrived just before BLACK Tilly did just in case anyone thinks I am totally mad!

Harry said...

Fingers crossed that Tilly's leg is healing well. Even at my age I adore my walks, so I can imagine how frustrating it is for a young 'un like her to be sedate!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Flowerpot said...

Glad that Tilly's improving and hope you can get rid o cabin fever soon. Will be interested to hear how the meal goes....!!

Fiona said...

My favourite treat is biting into a piece of brocolli and finding it laced with dog hair :o)
Your mum must be a saint mixing a black Trotter with an ivory carpet! I bet she was spoiled rotten. She is a very lucky little girl. I am so pleased that she is feeling better.
Tweed ???

Kerrio said...

Dog hair is a condiment. Trust me.

I hope Tilly mends soon. When Cleo came to she had an obvious old injury to both her right shoulder and hip, which used to flair up every walk/cold spell etc etc.

These days we hardly notice it - so hopefully with your excellent love and care Tilly will go the same way :-)

Love and hugs

Kerrio & co

Patience-please said...

So glad to hear that Tilly is recovering. Sounds like you two will be out and about in no time.
all the best-

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Everything crossed for a non-limping-without-metacam leg for Tilly!

I can't even begin to tell you the number of strange places I have found dog hairs!

Joker The Lurcher said...

joker and i were so pleased to hear from you and i was very much flattered by your comments on my pictures! i love photography and i'm very lucky to live in such a photogenic place.

we will visit your blog now we have found you!