Thursday, 11 October 2007

Writers Block

I'm lacking blogging inspiration at the moment, hence the sparsity of my posts over the past week or so. Thanks for the comments in response to my previous post though - it seems that we're all screwed-up, although I suspect that the degree varies wildly....

Little of note has happened of late a la maison du Tilly. Alas, she has failed to achieve full tongue-on-tooth action with any strangers over the past few days, but has consoled herself by taking me by surprise on a few occasions. Snout is returning to normal, but will undoubtedly be stung or bitten again soon if she continues to ram it into crevices in the garden with impunity.

A recent post of Ems made me laugh, as I'd always thought I had the most idiotic and embarrassing range of nicknames for Prince, and now Tilly. It appears I may have competition.
Here's a small selection of Princes nicknames:-

  • Leetle (His main nickname, morphed from being called 'Little Dog' in his younger days.)
  • Bunty
  • Runty
  • Orange Dog
  • Baby Cherub
  • Stinker
  • Tinky
  • Little Sausage
  • Mr Doo-Dandy (God only knows where that one came from!)
  • Windy Miller
  • Doglet & Buggalugs (Both shared with Mollie I see!)
  • Sweetpie (Criiiiiiinge!)
  • Creature (In the nicest way!)
And Tilly has already inspired a range of strange nicknames:-

  • Trotter (Currently number one nickname....)
  • Tilly Tops
  • Tilly Billy
  • Baby Eel
  • Baby Bird
  • Birdy Face
  • Horror-Bag (only used affectionately!)
I'm sure there are more, but they've slipped my mind. Which probably isn't a bad thing.....


Kerrio said...

Holy Poodles... that's a LOT of nicknames,

But "Stinky"? "Bunty"? "HororBag"? Too cruel (and very funny).

Makes me wonder... what do our dogs call US?


Harry said...

Good nicknames! Harry hasn't earned any yet, bless him. Oscar had a few though - Bosco, Bosco Kid, Osc the Bosc, Fuzzy butt boy...maybe I should stop now!

Have a good weekend.

Katy and Harry

Em said...

He he... my cats have silly nicknames too... although I did list some of them here

Kind of not surprised that Mollie & Prince had a few nicknames in common. Have made a mental note NOT to morph 'little dog' into 'leetle' - although Sammy's nickname 'diddle monster' came from 'little monster' so it'd maybe be more likely to morph to 'diddle dog'. Hmm...