Friday, 14 September 2007

Tilly Kisses

Tilly has a rather embarrassing tendency to offer 'special kisses' to anyone prepared to accept them. Unfortunately, she doesn't always wait to see if the target is prepared to accept such intimacy at their first meeting.

Take the unsuspecting middle-aged lady she met this morning as an example. The lady in question was lovely, walking two English setters, and certainly not prudish. However, she made the mistake of leaning over Tilly to say hello - an action that in Tillys mind is a green-light for a full-on snog. So, before the poor lady could do anything about it, Tilly had leapt up and joyously forced her tongue into the somewhat stunned ladies mouth.

After much spitting, rubbing of her mouth with a sleeve, and apologies from me, the recipient of Tillys greeting moved on with considerable poise, but a certain urgency.

I keep trying to explain that this is not a socially acceptable way of conducting oneself, but Tilly doesn't seem to understand. She achieved her number one objective this morning, but nearly as satisfying is achieving full tongue on ear or nostril contact. This is quite sweet, but I fear may not be appreciated by all recipients.

Tilly spent the rest of the morning considering my pearls of wisdom......


Flowerpot said...

darling girl! I know what you mean though - Moll joyously lies on her back displaying all to everyone which isn't necessarily a good idea.

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Oh Tilly, you have made me laugh, thank you! I don't mind doggy kisses (though maybe not tongue right in the mouth!).

Katy xxx

shelby said...

Tilly looks so sweet as she sunbathes in the garden. Thanks for the 'tag' I have completed it on Bailey's blog

Balboa & Mommy said...

Don't listen to daddy Tilly, I always try to kiss people hello and JACKPOT if I get to kiss their tongue. What do they think will happen if they get close to a cute doggies face,duhhhhhh.

So keep giving sloppy kisses Tilly.

Frenchie SNorts

P.S. thanks for tagging us, we don't mind playing again, I'm sure I can think of more words to describe myself.

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Never mind encouraging her!! She nearly got a 'hole in one' with Grandma this morning!!

sama said...

go for it, tilly!

google does the same thing!!

i have no objection to being kissed by a dog - it's the closest thing to heaven!