Saturday, 1 September 2007

Memory Lane (9)

Apart from the staples of eating, chewing, and bullying Daddy, swimming was always one of Princes favourite pastimes. I mentioned in an earlier post how Prince first came to enjoy water, but throughout his life he took any opportunity to get his feet wet, as long as the source wasn't rain.

The beach was one of Princes all time favourite places, and somewhere my parents took him often. They live closer to the coast than I do, and so whenever they were looking after him and the weather was good, that's where they would head. The beach that both my parents and I used to take him to was reached via a steep sandy track, and then there was a huge expanse of sand before you could get to the sea. Being the North West of England, the sea was usually at least half a mile out. Prince used to take this opportunity to run towards it at full pelt - usually with my parents clinging on to the end of the lead for dear life. I think my mother came a cropper once or twice being towed towards the surf, and I'm sure my father did too - although he probably never owned up to it! Prince was like the proverbial 'pig in muck' on the beach and used to spend many happy hours splashing in the shallows, crunching crab-shells and rolling in rancid mounds of seaweed.

Arrival home invariably brought a hefty dose of showering, which was an experience in itself. He was very good in the shower, and contented himself with looking suitably 'hang-dog' whilst being rubbed down. As soon as he was released, he would maraud around the house and then settle himself in a seated position, in readiness for the hairdryer. This bit he loved, and would squirm and pose whilst he was dried. Once complete and his back-end resembled a bouffant dandelion clock, he would bound joyfully downstairs and tuck into a bone with relish.

Such was his love of water that I bought him a paddling pool for hot days. Below you can see him spying on me through the grass to see if I'd finished filling it up.....

And on one of his many happy visits to the beach, heading for Ireland....

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Kerrio said...

Fabulous photos, love the "peaking through the grass" one :-)