Saturday, 18 August 2007


Little Tilly's had another very busy day. A long walk this morning with a high octane play with another dog off her lead, another walk this afternoon, and then her first visit to her 'Grandparents' house this evening. All bound together by fun and games at home of course.

Tilly enjoyed her visit to my parents house, which is really important as they will provide a lot of help when I go back to work - as I do need to make monthly visits to London, and have the odd overnight stay elsewhere inbetween. As is now becoming her trademark, she settled almost immediately and enjoyed lots of ball games in the garden with my father, before coming in to monitor the consumption of dinner carefully. Further games were played in the sitting room before the bells struck nine, and she flaked out on the floor. 9pm would appear to be her bedtime, as she invariably goes to sleep at this time. I was a little worried about driving her home in the dark, as she can still be a little nervous in the car, but she seemed to cope really well. She's bonding well with my parents, which is great to see.

I know I'm getting repetitive, but I've no doubt that Prince runs alongside her a lot of the time, and he was so close to his 'Grandparents' that I don't think she can fail to be also.

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