Sunday, 19 August 2007


Tilly's doing well still, and is huffing and puffing next to me as she feels she's been ignored for far too long. This is not what she's come to expect! On a serious note, I am trying not to provide 24 hour entertainment, as I'd hate her to get used to it and then have problems when life has to go back to some degree of normality.

We've been out walking (dragging?), played with balls, rubber dumbells, squeaky toys and rawhide bones. She's also carefully removed the seal from around the back door. I'm not too concerned about his, as it's something I was going to get rid of anyway - but I'm not sure it bodes well for the safety of everything else in the kitchen!

I'm sick to death of rain. It's even disrupting Tillys garden activities - which says a lot! We're free to go wherever we like from tomorrow, as it will have been a week since she had her final jab - but the weather's so foul that I'm finding it hard to get terribly excited at the prospect. Summer? What Summer? Baaaggghhhhh......


Em said...

Grrrr....rain... every time I picked up Mollie's lead yesterday, it started raining and I put it doen again (didn't want her to get too wet yet as she's still icky and scabby). Eventually got out at 5, by which time we were both quite frustrated... more sunshine forecast for this week though - hurrah!!

Flowerpot said...

My jeans are still wet from early this morning - wetter walk than I'd realised. Yes, let's hope teh forecast is right for once. This weather has a very depressing effect on us all. Particularly dog owners.