Thursday, 16 August 2007

Speedy Gonzales

Tilly has spent the day zooming around like a badger on speed. In between walks, now to be known as 'drags', she's been parading around the house with her rubber toy in her mouth, whist expertly dribbling a tennis ball along with her paws. I'm a shadow of my former self, aching and knackered. On the bright side, I could probably eat a diet of cream cakes and remain reasonably slim. It'll do me the world of good - and I really can't complain about her being full of beans.

She's been really good again this afternoon, and spent a little time off her lead during our late walk. It was a good job really, as I was too knackered to jog behind her at the end of the lead, and she needed to let of some steam at a pace quicker than my lumber!

One thing she is doing, which I really must stop, is 'mouthing'. Like a much younger puppy, she experimentally bites your hands quite a lot and has given a couple of rather nasty nips when very excited. There's no malice in it whatsoever, but it does need to stop. It's the one thing that doesn't seem to be sinking in yet - does anyone have any ideas other than a sharp 'no', and ending the game?


jasmine said...

the tot of her runnin wif her toy and dribbling the ball is really cute.. she sure can multitask!

abt the nipping, wat i heard was to leave the room/stop the play cos they will associate the nibbing with the loss of a playmate.

well, i'm not gd at these.. when my silkyterrier pup came, i do the same to him when he nips me!!! *ouch*

schnozzles said...

Mollie did this a bit when we first got her, she also nipped when we took her ball or frisbee of her. A loud "ow!" followed by walking away or ignoring her worked after a while :D

Flowerpot said...

yes, with my Mollie the OW! worked really well. She looked aggrieved, but apparently it's based on what her siblings would have done when she mouthed them. It worked for us.

Flowerpot said...

PS Isn't she a honey? And so photogenic.

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Yep, agree with the "OW"!

mare said...

I agree with the ow, but also as back up, tickling the roof of the mouth works well also.