Thursday, 16 August 2007

Soggy Dog

We got absolutely saturated this morning! Tilly wasn't in the least bit concerned about this and went marauding through every puddle and swamp in sight. I was less impressed with the weather.

Everything reminds me of Prince, some producing a smile, some floods of tears, and our walk this morning was no different. Prince and I were rather like to pieces of a jigsaw that fitted together perfectly to form an overall picture. We both hated the rain, and would happily wait until it had stopped, calmed down, or we had no chance of it stopping, before we took the plunge and went out. Similarly, we both picked our way around puddles and patches of mud where possible. I'm going to be asking him to give Tilly some guidance on this one!

Again, Tilly was good with the car this morning, and even had a brief spell off the lead - chasing her ball in a fairly enclosed part of the walk. It was only a brief period, to try and prevent her getting bored and considering wider exploration - but it was a good start, and good for her to have a run without the hinderance of me and the lead. She's playing with 'Rufus', her sqeaky toy at the moment.

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