Monday, 13 August 2007

Social Butterfly

Yet again we had a peaceful and uneventful night - no 'presents', no 'singing', and no destruction. A very good girl indeed.

We went straight out and she did all that was required exactly where she should - in the garden. I'm really pleased, I think it would be unfair not to expect a few more accidents along the way, but she's doing really well.

As I'd slept longer than I intended (exhaustion!) I decided to do a similar walk to yesterday rather than walk her down the road at a busy time. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, and had great fun playing with a minature Schnauzer. She seemed a little more relaxed with the car, but there's still a long way to go.

She passed out when we got home, until it was time to go to the vets for an initial check-up and her vaccination booster. She was a little overawed in the waiting room, with all the dogs around, but was pretty damned good, all things considered. When I booked the appointment I was sort of hoping that it wouldn't be the vet that treated Prince locally, purely because of the memories associated with him. When I arrived with Tilly, it was him we were to see and I surprised myself by being delighted it was him. It was good to talk to him about it, and I've always thought he was a great vet. He thought Tilly was great, and she thoroughly enjoyed getting her jab and being examined!

She then met a similarly young and exhuberant dog in reception on the way out and had a good romp with him before we left. I suspect she may be a bit of a tart - in the nicest way!

It was a really good, positive experience for her to have at her new vets for the first time.

She's had such a busy day so far that she's passed out again now. We'll be doing some more training and going for a walk when she springs up.....

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Flowerpot said...

She sounds like she's settling in really well. Dear girl. And so glad that you saw the same vet again - otherwise every time you went there you would have been dreading it. My Mollie is terrified of the vets so I am taking her there every 2 weeks out of surgery hours so she can get to know the vets, consulting room etc without freaking out. Slowly slowly... Tilly sounds wonderful. Just what you need.