Sunday, 12 August 2007

Silent Night

To my enormous surprise, and to her credit, Tilly and I had a very peaceful night. There wasn't a peep from her when I closed the kitchen door, and when I checked the camera from upstairs she's was happily curled up on her bed. When I got up this morning, she was still asleep on her bed and she hadn't left me any 'presents' on the floor!

However, we have had a few issues since. I'm realising that she's quite scared of the outside world - we went for a walk this morning and she's really frightened of passing cars. I assume this is to do with her having got lost and injured before ending up at the rescue centre, and probably having been terrified whilst loose on the streets. I think this will take some time to overcome.

When we got back, I was quite concerned that she hadn't had a poop, as she hadn't had one since I picked her up. This concern was resolved a few minutes later when I went to investigate why she was being so quiet in the dining room. There's probably no need to say anything more other than that my concerns about constipation were groundless....

Accidents are inevitable at this stage, so it's not a problem. More worrying is the fact that I think she would have gone outside whilst we walking if she hadn't been so anxious.

She's really good in the house generally, and is quite happy to lie quietly when she realises that it's time for a break from games. She's chewing her first rawhide bone at the moment - I'm sure Prince and Molly will approve!

Again, I'm sure Prince has been reassuring her. It's great to have a focus again, but I still miss my little boy like nothing I've ever known - I don't think that will ever change. Tilly and I are getting on really well and I'm sure we'll be companions for many years to come, but I can't help feeling a twinge of guilt occasionally when I look at her and wish she was Prince. I hope this is natural, and I think she's wonderful in her own right, but it's still painful sometimes.


Balboa & Mommy said...

I am glad you both had a peaceful night and I'm glad you are there to help her overcome all her fears.

As you get to know Tilly and her personality you love her for her. Doesn't you will stop loving Prince, but you will appreicate Tilly for who she is.

Karen and Balboa

shelby said...

Hi Graham and Tilly
She is beautiful, what a lovely little dog. I'm glad you had a peaceful night and she was good as gold.
Can't say the same fo my little Bailey at the moment he is very hard work, but he his only 10 weeks old though.
Just to let you know I too feel twinges of guilt when playing and fussing over Bailey and several times I have actually called him Benji, but likewise i'm sure Benji would approve and his watching over us, it just takes time.
Love and best wishes to you both
Shebly and Bailey x

Flowerpot said...

just caught up with you from the current edition of Dogs Today. I'm so sorry for your loss which must be really terrible. Of course no one can replace Prince, and it must be so difficult and painful to live without him, but I know you can give Tilly a wonderful home and much love. Good for you. Moving on is never easy is it?