Saturday, 18 August 2007

Memory lane (3)

It really took a good four or five months before Prince began to settle in fully. We discovered several odd behaviours that were never really explained - such as the way he jumped into the dry bath and sat there whenever either of us was in the bathroom. He also buried virtually anything we gave him - leading us to think he was stockpiling food in case the millenium bug struck, as this was around the turn of the century.

He remained as destructive as ever for some time, but also began to channel his energy into dragging me all around the village, crying continually in the style of a desolate sparrow whenever he wasn't getting attention, and honing his bone chewing skills.

Despite some ongoing problems, we were having great fun with him. His recall was terrible, and not helped by the fact that I used to panic whenever he ventured more than ten metres away from me. I remember him crossing a forty acre field to greet a lady and two dogs at the far side in about thirty seconds flat, much to her annoyance. As I huffed, puffed and swore my way across the field to retrieve him, I was less than impressed too. As I began to relax it improved greatly, and after a year or so I learned to trust him implicitly.

We moved back to the North about a year after we got him, and he settled into the new house we'd bought almost immediately. Almost overnight he stopped having accidents around the house, stopped chewing things he shouldn't, and calmed down significantly. I think it was as he began to realise that he would be loved and looked after forever, and his insecurity disappeared.

He also met his soulmate and adopted brother - Spike. Prince adored Spike, and vice-versa. They were so similar in every way, and Spike was the first dog that Prince would play with, and when they were tired, lie down next to. You can see them both in the picture above. My only regret about leaving this house was that we didn't keep in touch with Spike after we moved away. Thankfully, regardless of where Spike is now, I'm certain Prince will have re-connected with him and they will have been delighted to see each other again.


Kerrio said...

That's lovely. They look like a right pair of terors, I mean terriers.

Snogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co

Flowerpot said...

Another lovely picture - what a pair they make! I'm really enjoying reading about Prince's story though I guess that's a bittersweet pill for you at the moment.

I'm glad that Tilly's bonding so well with her grandparents. Very important. She's obviously feeling totally at home.

Jasmine, BamBam & Eski said...

guess the odd behaviors of Prince made him unique and so lovable :)

p/s: i've been visiting your blog often to read abt prince and tilly - and have added you to mine, in hope to share the love you have for both of them.