Thursday, 16 August 2007

Memory Lane (2)

I hope you don't mind me indulging in another installment of Princes life story. I think I'll keep going until we get to where this blog began.

Anyway, Prince showed his true colours on the way home from the rescue centre by breaking through the dog guard I'd hastily fitted earlier in the day and came to join me in the drivers seat. As you can imagine, my driving left a little to be desired with an overexcited, squirming terrier in my lap. We're lucky that we made it home.

Home was in rural Buckinghamshire at the time, and Prince came from Milton Keynes Pet Rescue. The first few weeks involved a great voyage of discovery for all involved, and we discovered that whilst Prince was full of character, fun and love, he was also pretty mixed up.

I've never known anything about his background, but I don't think he'd been mistreated as such. He was far too trusting of people and not really nervous - although loud noises always made him flinch. I think he'd been owned by an elderly person who had died. He would panic whenever someone coughed or sneezed, and rush up to them to investigate what was wrong.

He certainly had some issues in the early days though. He chewed anything and everything in sight, pulled up the kitchen floor, pooped and peed all over the house, and opened and mauled every present that we had naively left under the Christmas tree. Despite all this, both my girlfriend and I had totally fallen for him within days, and despite the odd half-hearted threat to take him back to the centre (as a couple of people had done previously), I knew I'd never give up on him.

The picture shows him in the early stages of developing his career as a rawhide connoisseur, in the fairly horribly decorated house we were renting at the time. The shaggy coat and slightly scrawny physique he had when we first got him led to me mistaking him for a discarded camel coat on a few occassions......

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Flowerpot said...

I'm really enjoying hearing about Prince's background. What a gorgeous dog, no wonder you both fell in love with him so soon. More, please! I've just finished reading Marley & Me by John Grogan (a US journalist who writes so well). Don't advise you to read it just yet (if you haven't already) - give it a month or two, but it's a wonderful tale of a wonderful, completely mad dog and the effect he had on one family#'s life.