Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Good as Gold

Tilly seems absolutely fine now, and continues to work towards the 'most surprisingly well-behaved rescue dog' qualification.

Prince was an absolute model dog, and never put a paw wrong once he'd settled in, but even he was fairly mixed up in the very early days. Tilly seems to have settled in remarkably well.

I'm currently conducting a bit of an experiment, and I'm spying on her via the webcam to see how she copes when I leave her. After wandering about for a while, wondering where I'd gone, she decided it wasn't worth worrying about and fell asleep on the sofa - as the picture shows. Little does she know that I'm hiding upstairs!

What a good girl....


Flowerpot said...

I laughed at this, Graham - this was exactly what I did when Mollie was very tiny! Sounds like Tilly knows she's come home. She looks so relaxed and happy already. Well done you.

schnozzles said...

Wow. Can you send Prince over to sort Mollie out please? Not in the way he probably immediately thinks of though, mind!! She howls and howls when we leave her - or goes straight next door!