Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Funny Noises

Tilly's 'Grandparents' came to see her this evening, and she was delighted to see them. She turned the rev counter up to eleven and flew around the house like an over-excited child for the first half an hour, and then promptly passed out. She's very puppy-like in some ways - full of energy one minute, and flat out the next!

I've just put her to bed and she was fine, but five minutes later a great volley of barking came forth. Spying on her via the webcam, I think she heard something outside (hopefully not Burglar Bill) as she was standing facing the back door barking. It's the first time she's made a sound overnight, but I'm sitting here with my fist in my mouth, because I know I can't go down to her unless something serious is happening. And from what I can see, it's not. I think going down now would signal the end of (relatively) peaceful nights.... Oh dear, my poor little girl!


Flowerpot said...

Oh, it's so difficult when they're at this stage, isn't it? So what happened? Did either of you get any sleep?!

Kerrio said...

Eeek - I remember that "Oh should I go down" phase.

Commiserations - may it pass quickly!