Sunday, 12 August 2007

Duracell Bunny

Tilly's rather like a Duracell bunny - you can wear her out, and after twenty minutes sleep she's fully recharged again!

I think she's really enjoyed herself today. We went to a Woodland Trust site around the corner from the house and met her 'Grandparents' - only one of whom she's met before. Needless to say - she loved both of them, and I think it was reciprocated! We also met a couple of very well behaved dogs with a very kind owner who let me introduce Tilly to them to see how she'd react. She was perfect, and behaved like a real ittle lady. That's a real relief, as I'd struggle to enjoy walks with a dog that didn't get on with others.

When we got back to my house, Tilly passed out on both my parents in turn - just as if she'd known them for years. Again, Prince has been working his magic.

As far as 'issues' are concerned, we have the previously identified cars and traffic and nothing more really so far. We met some horses out walking that she barked at, but I think it was the first time she'd seen a horse, so I'm not overly concerned by this.

She did also have a wee in the dining room at lunchtime, as though to follow up her 'motion' earlier. Later in the day I took her in the garden and she performed both required actions, to much fussing and treats, so hopefully she's getting the right idea.

I also left her alone and popped out for half an hour earlier, and she coped really well. No 'presents', no destruction, no obvious signs of panic - what a good girl!

All in all, for a recue dog in their first 24 hours at a new home, she's an absolute dream - so I have no cause for complaint. We're going to get along just fine....


Linda Seid Frembes said...


That is fantastic that you and Tilly are getting on so well. She's quite a cutie pie! No wonder you fell for her. Sucker. =)

-Linda & Watson in the U.S.

Kerrio said...

First 24 hours looking good - roll on the next!

schnozzles said...

Looking good so far!! She's got such a pretty face, and she looks so happy , not bad after such a short time! I know what you mean about being fully recharged after only the shortest of naps though... Mollie's like that!! Tiring, isn't it? Maybe Kerrio has the right idea - more than one dog, and then they can tire each other out!!

jasmine, bambam & eski said...

hi graham, Tilly's picture on the side panel looks really sweet & HAPPY!

it's great to know that both of you are coping well given the new environment.
our adopted dog (Eski) couldnt step in & out of the lift when she first came, we literally have to drag her!

Prince is definitely with you both all this time...

Flowerpot said...

My Mollie (JR cross) is just like that - tears round for hours and collapses in a heap, then as soon as she's had her tea she's off again! Tilly looks gorgeous and seems to have settled in so well - much credit to you. She feels safe and loved already.

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Sounds like she's settling in just fine!

As she's so high-energy, maybe it might be worth trying some things to exercise her mind as well? Her food in a Kong perhaps or a treat ball to figure out.