Monday, 13 August 2007

Blooming Vaccinations

Poor little Tilly has been knocked flat by her vaccination earlier - and certainly didn't 'spring up' for more fun and frolics as I expected. In fact, she's been flat out on the sofa virtually since my last post. She did go in the garden and have a play with my neighbours dog before she really flaked, but this may have caused a problem of its own in that I think she was limping slightly when she'd finished. It's hard to tell because she hasn't really moved since.

She did eat a little chicken earlier, and had a few slurps of water - but that's it. I thought I'd taken my 'Florence Nightingale' hat off, but perhaps not!

There's so much controvery over vaccinations it's difficult to know what the right thing to do is. Prince never had any obvious reactions to them, and never showed any signs of being under the weather after having had them, so this is a new experience for me.

I hope she's feeling brighter in the morning. Has anyone else seen this type of reaction in their dogs?


Linda Seid Frembes said...

Did she have more than one type of vaccine at the same time? If so, that may be why she's so tired. I've had several dogs who have reacted this way but only when there were multiple shots. Those vaccines can turn her system wonky for a few hours, but she should be fine by tomorrow. If not, time to call the doctor again.

Good luck,
Linda & Watson in the U.S.

Kerrio said...

Ours never have but it's not uncommon.

Hope Tilly perks up soon!

Beverley Cuddy said...

Graham, so pleased to hear you have Tilly!
Just wondering if Tilly was already incubating something when she arrived? Tess, my rescue pup, caught kennel cough at the shelter - all sorts of dogs come and no matter how good the place there will be bugs.
How old is Tilly? If she was pre-owned perhaps she already was vaccinated so this will be a double dose and as you say may have knocked her for six.
Don't want to frighten you, but Catherine O'Driscoll at Canine Health Concern may be worth contacting if she doesn't perk right up.