Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Big Day

Tilly's had another busy day today. We had a good walk this morning, followed by much game-playing, before I went out for just over an hour to see how she got on without me. No 'issues' arose, and she seemed to be quite happy and relaxed about the situation.

We had another long walk this afternoon, and had a session at the end of more controlled walking on a short lead, and some work on a quiet lane with a few passing cars. She coped quite well, but still needs a lot of work to calm her down on a short lead and when cars pass. I'm not terribly worried about this as we're at such an early stage.

One thing she's doing really well with is travelling in the car. She's actually started jumping into the boot herself, rather than having to be 'caught' and lifted in. She's still obviously nervous when she's in there, and doesn't like the boot lid coming down, but it's a big improvement. Another couple of weeks of short journeys to fun places, with lots of encouragement and treats, and I think she'll be fine.

My brother and his girlfriend came to meet her this evening, and were greeted by the usual flurry of excitement, balls and rubber toys. She's got a lovely disposition and I think they were quite bewitched by her! Of course, after the initial twenty minutes of excitement she passed out on the sofa next to them.

It's been a big day for a little dog.


Flowerpot said...

So much progress in just a few days - that's amazing! It sounds as if she's was just there, waiting for you to come and take her home. I know you mentioned you were going back to work in October, but have you ever thought of training dogs? So many people haven't the faintest clue how to train their puppies/dogs and it sounds like you'd be brilliant at it. I mean in the evenings or Saturdays or something. Well, just a thought...

Balboa & Mommy said...

Tilly was meant to be with you.

Frenchie SNorts