Sunday, 12 August 2007

And So To Bed....

Tillys arrival has been a bit of a whirlwind as I hadn't expected her to be able to come until early next week, but as it was they said I could bring her home today. So of course I did.

I have to say that for a dog that has only been here since 5pm she's been an absolute angel. She's massively energetic, and we've been playing with her new toy all evening, as well as having been for a walk. She's also still very into the 'mouthing' side of things, despite being about ten months old - so I'll need to try and discourage that.

She seems very laid back in some regards, and has been happy to pass out on her side to sleep, despite the strange surroundings. We haven't had any accidents yet - one was narrowly avoided when I saw her preparing to have a pee in the sitting room and whisked her outside just in time. She hasn't had a poo since being here though, so I suspect I might find a present on the kitchen floor in the morning!

As far as phobias and fears are concerned, I've discovered a couple. Firstly, she doesn't like the car very much, so I'll need to make that as fun as possible for her over the coming weeks. Secondly, and perhaps the most strange one, she either doesn't like the dark or doesn't like torches. Either way, she wasn't happy when we went in the garden this evening. This could be an issue because I really need her to be relaxed enough to do whatever she needs to do after dark outside - rather than in the kitchen! Oh well, all rescue dogs come with hang-ups, and we'll deal with then as they come....

As you can see from the rather blurry picture, she's sleeping in the kitchen as we speak - and again has been as good as gold so far. No crying, no barking, no pooping (yet!).

I'm certain that the reason she's been so immediately settled is because Prince has been with her to reassure her. He was a few steps ahead of us out walking earlier too. He's clearly making sure that she feels safe and secure.

Anyway, I must try and get some sleep as I'll need to be up very early in the morning. I'll post some better pictures and more information tomorrow....

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Balboa & Mommy said...

I'm so glad things are going well, what a wonderful start to a beautiful relationship.

Frenchie Snorts