Wednesday, 11 July 2007

The Verdict that he's still doing pretty well. As soon as we reached the forest this afternoon he was off and running, with me jogging and panting behind him - as has become the norm over the past couple of weeks. Toilet trips are still an issue, but he's still got a healthy amount of energy and enthusiasm to match!

I popped into my local vets surgery this afternoon to pay the insurance excesses for his last vists (ugh!) before he was referred to the university. I had a quick chat with my usual vet and was pleased to hear that the university have been keeping them fully up to date with Princes treatment. This was a pleasant surprise, and makes sense in that if he ever needed to go there in an emergency, they would be fully aware of what medication and treatment he had been receiving at the university hospital. I'm really impressed with the professionalism of both parties - if only our NHS was as efficient! It was good to be able to let Ed (my local vet) know that Prince was doing well and he seemed pleased to get an update. I also, rather cheekily, walked out with a specimen pot for Princes urine sample in the morning!

Arrgghhh - the morning! As ever, I'm dreading taking Prince to the hospital. However, I'm beginning to wonder whether it's my demeanor that leads to Prince being extremely nervous in the waiting room. He always seems to trot off with the vet quite happily and without too much of a performance - I suspect I may not help matters by being the 'worried dad'!

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