Thursday, 5 July 2007


Prince is doing well after his treatment yesterday. He's been bright and breezy all day, and felt it necessary to indulge in a comprehensive bullying of me earlier, to make his views on being starved earlier in the week very clear.

He was a little lame when we went on our morning walk, which I'm not too concerned about. He didn't have his Prednislone yesterday, because of everything else he was having, and I think this is the cause. He's had arthritis for years, but the Prednisolone he's been having as part of his chemotherapy has been helping it significantly as it's a steroid often prescribed separately for rheumatoid arthritis. He's had some this morning, so hopefully it will improve over the next day or two.

As you can from the picture, Prince likes to take advantage when I'm on the telephone, and encourage much spoiling. This is why any telephone conversation I have is punctuated with smooching sounds!

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