Thursday, 19 July 2007

Strange Day

It's been a very strange day. I spent much of it worrying about Prince, who seemed really tired all morning, and after a brief period of activity at lunchtime, all afternoon too. At times like this it's really difficult to keep things in perspective - we all have days when we don't feel great, or we're just tired, but when it comes to Prince I tend to assume that any sign of him being below par is critical. Especially as I can't ask him directly how he's feeling.

To compound the problem, I've been feeling pretty awful all day too. I've had a cold (bearing in mind I'm male, and therefore suffer more than most!) for over a week now, and the lack of sleep over the last month or so has left me absolutely exhausted. Somehow it seems a little trivial to complain about such things when Prince is going through such a battle.

Thankfully, Prince really bucked up late this afternoon, and we went out for a walk in the forest. To my enormous relief he seemed full of beans and proceeded to lead the way throughout the walk. On arrival home he settled down to chew bones, and enjoyed intermittent periods of intense bullying. All things considered, I think my worries were unnecessary.

I'm supposed to be taking Prince to my parents house to stay tomorrow afternoon and overnight, whilst I catch up with some friends and go out for dinner in the evening. Earlier today I was convinced that I wouldn't go, as Prince didn't seem too well, but now I'm thinking that he's OK. I think I'm getting a real feel for how human carers must feel - in many ways I'm looking forward to going out and resuming some level of normality, but on the other hand it feels really strange to be taking Prince to stay at my parents house. I'm worried that he won't be well, that he'll miss me, or something will happen and it'll be 'my fault'. Of course, this is entirely irrational and my parents are more than capable of looking after him and administering his drugs etc... He's stayed with them on many occasions and is always delighted to be there. So delighted that he usually requires a degree of 're-training' when he gets home, to remind him who really is boss.....

I'm going to see how he is in the morning, and make a decision then. He's always sleepy in the morning though, and always has been, so I'll try not to get paranoid! I wonder if women are any better than men at this caring malarkey?


Kerrio said...

No - we worry too.

We've just probably had a bit more PRACTISE at it. ;-)

He'll be fine.

Kerrio said...

Actually - have you checked out Finn's blog?

His mum knows a thing or two about poorly dogs and worry.

schnozzles said...

I'm sure Prince will have a fabulous time and wouldn't understand why you're worrying. Have a fantastic evening and enjoy the rest!!

Graham & Prince said...

Thanks everyone! Perhaps it's not just me then.... Finn's blog strikes some very similar chords!

Anonymous said...

"I wonder if women are any better than men at this caring malarkey?"

Nope. Nadda. Zippo. Zilch. Not when it comes to our dogs anyway; then we are as obsessive as any red blooded male.