Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Oh dear, I'm in terribly bad books tonight. Prince has to go to the hospital in the morning for his second treatment, which involves sedation and consequently being starved the night before. He thinks it's ridiculous and terribly cruel. Daddy's rubbish.

Actually, the poor chap hasn't had a good day overall. Not because of his Lymphoma, but because of a really nastly, poorly controlled dog. We went out for a walk this afternoon, and he was in great form - trotting ahead happily. I then heard a dog gasping along behind us, pulling its owner along on the end of the lead. I called Prince to me so that they could pass us and go in front. After passing us by about ten metres the owner took the dog of its lead and it immediately ran back to Prince, wagging its tail and looking generally friendly. However, before Prince even had a chance to exchange sniffs, it leapt straight on top of him and grabbed him by the throat. I have to admit to unleashing a volley of expletives, and was about to launch this dog into the air on the end of my boot when its owner dragged it off. Thankfully, having checked him over, Prince seemed none the worse for his ordeal and trotted off quite happily.

It really shook me up though. I've seen many 'diagreements' between dogs, but this was particularly spontaneous and vicious. I'm pleased that Prince is OK, and doesn't seem to have been hurt, but I can't help but think that it's the last thing he needed at the moment - he's going through enough. We didn't see any other dogs for the rest of the walk, but I hope it's not going to cause him to be nervous or defensive - he's always been great with other dogs and nothing but amiable.

The owner of the other dog sloped off whilst I was checking Prince over. I suspect that it was quite obvious that I was furious and not really in the mood for meaningless apologies....

Anyway, on arrival home I decided to bath Prince so that I could check him over thoroughly, and to remove the enormous amount of mud that he'd ended up covered in. Mission accomplished, he's now smelling very sweet, but feeling very sour.

To summarise Princes day, he was attacked, bathed, and then starved. My poor 'baby' - I think some spoiling is in order when I pick him up tomorrow......

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Chapstaff said...

I hope this hasn't put Prince off other dogs.
"Once bitten, twice shy" springs to mind.
I should walk him around dogs you know to be friendly to restore his confidence....poor little chap, it really was a rotten day all round.