Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Since Prince was diagnosed I've begun to realise just how many kind people there are in the world.

I know that may sound a little odd, but we get so hung up on the news media - terrorism, murder, child abduction etc.... that I think it's sometimes easy to forget that the vast majority of people are extremely compassionate and intrinsically good. I've been guilty in the past of focussing on the negatives of the world, and the people behind them, but I think I'm developing a far more positive view at the moment.

From readers of this blog, forum posters, strangers out walking, friends and family, to my previous employers and landlord - all have been enormously kind and supportive. It really does help to confirm the fact that we actually live in a world inhabited by wonderful people. It's a shame that it takes an experience like this to reaffirm it. I'm certainly learning some valuable lessons though.....

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shelby said...

Hi Prince & Graham
Thinking of you whilst Prince is at the vet's.
I too have experienced great support from friends, family and work collegues throughout Benji's illness and was especially touched today when I recieved a card from the vet Mis Nicholl's who treated Benji.
I totally agree with you there are some wonderful people in this world.
Love and cuddles to Prince when he arrives home later.