Friday, 27 July 2007

Sleepy Sausage

Well, our walk was conducted at a fairly brisk pace, all things considered. As I expected, he wasn't too lame whilst we were out, but he has been hobbling around on three legs since we got back. He's also been asleep virtually all night. I hope I didn't over-do it with him - he led the way and I let him dicate the pace throughout. We weren't out for long either, about forty minutes. Of course I'm now totally paranoid that I've worn him out and shouldn't have walked him at all. I must check with the hospital tomorrow as no mention was made about restricting exercise. I know that Epirubicin can cause anaemia, so wonder if this is why he's been so tired tonight? His membranes are a good colour though, so I doubt it.

Worrying would appear to be my prime occupation at the moment. I'm worried about him being tired, being lame, still having problems with cystitis and his Lymphoma generally. I'm sure he looks at me sometimes and thinks, "for goodness sake, I'm feeling fine - shut up and sit down!".

Despite being tired, he has been more comfortable today. I get the impression he's been more content, and his bladder has been far less sore than it has been. He's still in training for the garden pee-athon, but I'm hoping this will ease over the next few days.

I wish the weather was better and we could loaf around in the garden. He loves being outside and I think he gets a bit fed up with lying around the house. Who could blame him with me for company?! I've reached new levels of lunacy tonight by sitting with my watch and checking his heart rate. If I was Prince, I'd also be sleeping a lot - it must be a blissful break from Daddy!!

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DoGGa said...

Aw, at least he's up and about and all that - I'm sure he'll make good progress given time :]