Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Scared Again

Prince is at the hospital for this weeks chemotherapy. Today is described by the clinician as 'a big day', as he's receiving Epirubicin, which is by far the most powerful and risky drug he'll receive. It can have serious effects on the heart, so he needs a heart scan first, as well as blood tests and his bladder flush. The list of possible side effects is extensive and frankly frightening. I'm going to stop Googling now, whilst I'm only scared as opposed to petrified.

On a positive note, I was speaking to a couple with their dog in the waiting room earlier. Their dog also has Lymphoma, and they were given the same six to twelve month average survival time estimate when he was first diagnosed. Eighteen months later he is still doing really well, and was barking at everyone who passed him in the waiting room!


Anonymous said...

Good luck today, Prince!

Thinking of you...

Uncle David

shelby said...

Hi Graham & Prince
Thinking of you both today as Prince undergoes his latest chemo. I love the photo a few posts down, he's a right little poser!!!
Much love and cuddles for Prince when he returns home later.

Graham & Prince said...

Prince is a real performer! It's just the green eye problem with camera flashes that sometimes let him down!