Monday, 9 July 2007

Run, Rabbit, Run!

Prince has thoroughly enjoyed himself today. We met his 'Grandparents' to go for a walk at Tatton Park, which is one of his favourite places.

From the moment we arrived he was on top form, and led the pack throughout. The place was also teeming with rabbits, which is always a bonus as far as Prince is concerned. He chased them all over the place, but didn't manage to catch one - he's certain that they were unnaturally quick, and deeply unsporting in their tendency to disappear down holes. I don't mind him chasing rabbits at all - in my opinion, it's perfectly natural predation. In most cases he only catches those that have myxomotosis, so in effect he's relieving the inevitable suffering that such a foul disease causes.

He's been eating sausages and chewing bones this evening, so all in all he's had a very good day. He's still having problems with his cystitis / infection, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him other than when he's actually trying to have a wee, so he's generally very happy.


Timbellemia said...

I'm so glad Prince is enjoying himself despite having problems with his cystitis.

He's such a determined, happy boy. I wish him a speedy recovery.

Good luck sweetheart.

Chapstaff said...

Aren't you worried about Prince catching a disease from the Myxy bunnies?

I was always afraid if Cleo came near to catching one

Graham & Prince said...

The first time he caught a Mixy rabbit I was worried sick, but a quick call to the vet confirmed that there's no risk to dogs from it.... Prince has been free to chase from then on!