Saturday, 28 July 2007


Poor Prince has had a dreadful evening. I took him to my parents house, and he was utterly miserable throughout. Even when feeling below par he can usually muster some enthusiasm for the goings on in his Grandparents kitchen, but tonight he just felt too bad.

He's exhausted, uncomfortable, unhappy and dejected. I think he's had enough. I need to see how he is in the morning.


Anonymous said...

Just read about Prince for the first time.
I wish him all the best, what a lovely dog he is and how lucky to have you to look after him in the twilight of his life.

Katherine and Pippa, said...

We've come from the lurchers' and kerrio's blog.

Sorry Prince is feeling under the weather. and hope he perks up. Can't be easy for you.

Lots of best wishes from us here in Spain.

Pippa and Kate

Kerrio said...

I was going to post this morning, but was distracted by our gang. I'm sorry I'm too late to offer words of comfort now.

Special snog from the dogs,

Kerrio & co