Sunday, 22 July 2007

Rip Van Winkle

Prince is back home, but very tired again. I'm starting to run out of justifications for him being tired, although I'm sure I'll continue thinking of more to make myself feel better.

He was a bit tired on a few occasions last week, but he's done very little but sleep since I picked him up earlier today. If he's no more energetic tomorrow I'll have to ring the University, just for some advice as to whether I need to take any action at this stage. It's a strange one, ringing the emergency number on a Sunday, because in many ways it's not an emergency - as far as I'm aware there are no immediately life-threatening problems, but it is a rather worrying change after he'd been doing so well.

I wonder if there's a point at which the human brain can't compute any further worry? Perhaps there's a trigger point at which it shuts down and a small sign appears saying, "Sorry, closed due to unforseen circumstances"......

One plus point of all this is that Prince becomes incredibly cuddly and compliant when he's tired, so I've had the benefit of many 'soft cuddles' this evening!

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