Sunday, 8 July 2007

Rattling Dog

Prince went into the vets this morning, much to his disgust! I managed to acquire a urine sample before we went in by chasing him around the garden with the faithful tupperware box, and the vet tested this first. Although not visible, it did show signs of blood being present. Cyclophosphamide is known to cause haemohorragic cystitis in some cases, so this was the number one suspect, but there was also some evidence of bacteria which suggested it could be an infection. Under usual circumstances, the bladder would be flushed with a drug to ease the inflammation but this can cause more problems if it is an infection, so another sample was taken for more in-depth analysis. Whilst we wait for the results of this, Prince is on a course of antibiotics in addition to all his other drugs.

Prince now takes a total of 11 tablets a day, plus liquid medication! You can almost hear him rattle down the stairs.... He doesn't mind tablets though, as they're usually hidden in a piece of meat and therefore: more tablets = more meat. He's getting quite sneaky now though and I've caught him trying to spit one or two out.....

Anyway, other than his plumbing problems, he's still in pretty good shape so we must be grateful for that.

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