Sunday, 8 July 2007

Peaks & Troughs

Oh dear, little Prince has had his first set-back. Hopefully not a serious one, but a problem none the less.

Those of a sensitive nature may want to look away now. When we got back from our walk this afternoon Prince went out in the garden to go to the toilet. I was watching him quite closely because he'd been a little 'loose' earlier and I wanted to check there were no problems in this area. As it was, he only wanted a wee, but seemed to be going about it in a slightly odd way. When he eventually achieved his objective it was fairly obvious, even from a distance, that his urine was fairly pink. A quick dab of 'willy-wisp' when he came back in confirmed that there was blood in his urine. This is something that the vet had warned me about as a possible side-effect of the Cyclophosphamide he had earlier in the week - it can sometimes cause inflammation of the bladder.

I rang the hospital emergency number and the duty vet thinks it's important to see him tomorrow, so that they can rule out an infection and treat the inflammation. This involves flushing his bladder out. So the poor little guy is going to need to miss his breakfast and suffer the fear of the hospital for the second time in a week. He really doesn't deserve this.

On a positive note, despite the discomfort when he goes to the toilet, it doesn't seem to have affected his generally bright demeanor. He's still bouncing around quite happily and chewing bones. I suppose that as side effects go, this would initially seem to be one of the less serious ones. I do hope so anyway.

So, another visit to the hospital is in store, prior to our planned visit on Wednesday. As ever, neither of us is looking forward to it, but I suppose we'll muddle through as ever!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear Prince has had his first set back, hopefully a trip to the vets and a course of medication will put things right.
Unfortunately Benji lost his fight this morning, he had become unable to stand and had vomiting and diarrhoea and had realy gone downhill over night, so we made that heart wrenching decision to put him to rest.
Best wishes to you and Prince and thank you because reading your blog on Prince has really kept me going these past 2 weeks whilst Benji went downhill and i'm sure it will keep me going in the forth coming weeks as we come to terms with our loss
Benji's 'parents'.

Graham & Prince said...

I'm afraid I don't have an email address to respond directly, so I hope you see this. I'm so sorry to hear that Benji died this morning. You must be devastated. Apart from a wonderful life, it sounds like you made a quick and kind decision at the end and that he didn't suffer months of feeling terrible. Prince and I are sending you lots of love and support at what must be a terrible time.

Chapstaff said...

Very sorry to hear your bad news Benji's parents.
I lost my Cleo last Tuesday, so I have an idea how you are feeling.
At least Cleo was old though (16 year old Staff) so that is a small comfort.

It doesn't stop you missing them though..........:(

Take care