Thursday, 19 July 2007

More Blogs

A few weeks ago I couldn't find many blogs I liked at all - and now I can't stop coming across them.

The first is The Lurchers, a long-established blog by some very compassionate lurcher-lovers.

The second isn't particularly doggy, but I found a link to it from The Lurchers. It's called Dogga, which caught my eye, and it's written by a sound engineer with a great sense of humour. There are some great pictures from Glastonbury, and a pub with resident lambs.....

The final one (for now) is also written by Lurcher owners, and again features some great pictures. Check out Blogs from the Dogs.

I've got friends with Lurchers, but before I met them I'd never realised what great dogs they are. I'm a total convert now....

1 comment:

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

*Waves hello!*

I'm glad you enjoy my blog!

Shall now go off and catch up on Prince's story.