Monday, 16 July 2007

Lazy Bones

...and that's just me! My apologies for not having written a post before now. I'd like to pretend I've had an awfully busy day, doing lots of important things to benefit the world and society in general. Unfortunately, I haven't. I've done some shopping, ironing, cheesecake-making, and a lot of cuddling of Prince. That's about it, apart from our visit to my parents house this evening.

Prince has had another good day, despite putting on his best dejected face whilst I tackled the domestic chores. He has an amazing 'po-face' at times, and never fails to impress me with how much expression he can put into it when I'm failing to meet his expectations.

He behaved much better at his 'Grandparents' house this evening, although he did of course get terribly hot and over-excited. This was compounded by the fact that my brother and his girlfriend were there, which gave him four people to entertain! He was tired when we get home, so after a half-hearted attempt to chew a bone, he promptly retired to bed.....

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