Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Jury's Out

I think Prince is still doing pretty well today, but he does seem a little more tired than he has done over the past couple of weeks. He's still quite jolly in himself, and enjoyed his morning walk earlier, so perhaps he's just a little tired after all the excitement of yesterday. I also have to bear in mind that he has had rather artificially increased levels of energy over the past couple of weeks, and as much as I might like to think of him as a puppy again, he is ten years old.

It's so easy to see him sleeping and immediately get great feelings of paranoia - thinking that he's not feeling very well, when he's actually just a little naturally tired.

The antibiotics don't seem to be having a great effect on his cystitis problems. He's still having some 'issues' going to the toilet, and his urine still clearly has blood in it. I suspect that he'll need to have his bladder flushed out when he goes into the hospital tomorrow for his next chemotherapy treatment.

I hope this is a minor 'blip' - the little chap doesn't deserve to have added complications. Plus, as it's chemo-day tomorrow, his bowl will be bare in the morning. I'll be in biiiiiiiiggg trouble, as I always am when sufficient quantities of food aren't forthcoming.....

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Chapstaff said...

Good luck for tomorrow's treatment