Sunday, 1 July 2007


Last night could not be described as an absolute success. Princes visit to his Grandparents was somewhat marred by the outrageous level of excitement and obsession with food demonstrated throughout. I should quickly add that this wasn't Princes fault, as the side-effects from his drugs are such that he can't really help it. However, it was an absolute pain.

Prince spent the whole evening rushing around the house, panting and sqeaking exciteably. My father compounded the situation throughout, by coo-ing, fussing and generally exacerbating the problem. Whilst my father adores Prince, and absolutely dotes on him, he has never really accepted the fact that he doesn't think like a human child. Of course, last night, my fathers actions were simply confirming to Prince that this rushing around and panting was clearly the right thing to do, as he received lots of attention and food to confirm it. Oh well, it was all done out of mis-placed kindness and love, and no harm was done, so we'll move on....

There are no signs today of Princes energy levels reducing significantly, although I do think he's slightly less manic. We're currently waiting for the arrival of his Aunty & Uncle, or my brother and his girlfriend as they would more correctly be called! Undoubtedly, much bone-chewing and galloping around in circles will be taking place when they arrive!

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