Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Fair to Middling......

....is probably a good assessment of Prince today. He seems more comfortable, having switched from his steroid, Prednisolone, to that old favourite, Metacam. This seems to be relieving the discomfort of his cystitis slightly. Being the adaptable little chap he is, he's taken to sleeping on his back at the moment, as I think this relieves it somewhat. The picture above highlights this! He's also been hobbling around a lot today, as his arthritis seems to have returned with avengence. The steroid had (as a good, if unintentional, consequence) been easing his lameness a lot. I hope that the Metacam helps in the longer term.

He's been quite happy in himself today, and has been out for a couple of short walks, along with his usual multiple visits to strain in the garden. I took him down to a local hotel this evening where a friend works, which he enjoyed. He's a very sociable type, and took his role of meeting and greeting guests very seriously. His 'Auntie Claire' also made a great fuss of him, which was particularly well received.

He's due to have his Epirubicin chemotherapy first thing in the morning, which is playing on my mind. It's the usual conundrum - half of me wants him to have it, as it's another step in managing this foul disease, but the other half is petrified of the possible side-effects. Epirubicin is probably the strongest drug he'll receive, and the side-effects can be fairly unpleasant in some cases. With all the other problems he's having at the moment I don't think I could stand to see him suffering with something else - I'd really have to ask whether I was doing the best thing for him in that case. On the plus side, he may have no side-effects, and the strength of the drug means that he would have next week off from chemo. Also, Epirubicin is a newer variant of Doxyrubicin - developed to have fewer side-effects. Trials and tribulations eh?!

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Beverley Cuddy said...

Good look with today's chemo. I think it's great that you've made the decision to stay home and look after Prince. I'm going to mention you both in my next blog.