Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Deserted Pooch

Prince is at the hospital for his second chemotherapy treatment, and I'm at home trying to do the 101 domestic chores that he doesn't like me doing when he's here.

It was horrible leaving him again. Unlike last week, when he was too ill and tired to care where he was, he was terrified this morning. In some ways I'm pleased that he reacted 'normally', but I feel awful putting him in a position where he's so scared. First of all, he wouldn't get out of the car as he'd realised where he was, and then he sat in the reception area, shaking like a leaf. He did follow the vet quite happily into the consulting room but then proceeded to try and hide in the corner whilst she checked him over. I was pleased that he seemed to trot off with her quite happily when the time came for me to leave. I suspect that I'm going to be enemy number one again when I go to collect him this afternoon - I'll bet he wees on me rather than the water cooler this time!

Talking of bodily functions (nice!), that was another indignity that Prince had to suffer this morning, as well as having no food - Daddy, following him around the garden with a tupperware tub to collect a urine sample. He was somewhat bemused when I thrust it under him as soon as he cocked his leg!

Oh well, it's a small price to pay if he continues to feel as well as he has over the past week. He's receiving a different drug this time, so I hope he doesn't react badly to it. I'm told that most dogs tolerate it well, so fingers crossed.....

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Anonymous said...

Poor little Prince - kisses from everyone at The Idler xxx