Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Daddy Rubbeesh

Having dropped Prince off at the hospital at the crack of dawn this morning, I am in seriously bad-books. He felt it was too early, dull and dreary to even contemplate going for a quick walk before we left, so he contented himself with glowering at me from the bed whilst I got ready.

I really don't blame him. After his experience on Monday, and then back again today, I'd be feeling a little po-faced to say the least.

His mood didn't lift at the hospital - he sat glumly on my knee, shaking, whilst we waited for the vet, and then proceeded to hide under the chair in the consulting room in the vain hope we wouldn't notice him. Spying through the window when I left, I did notice him trot off quite happily after he had realised that he'd been deserted.

Am I glad we followed the chemotherapy route? I'd have to say that thus far, with the exception of the first couple of weeks - no. I hope with all my heart that my view changes within the next couple of weeks, and of course I'm delighted to still have him with me - but not at any cost to him. The cystitis problem along with all the traumatic visits to the vet for unpleasant treatment are just tipping the balance at the moment. I hope things improve.


Anonymous said...

Life is NEVER PERFECT even for a dog. He looks a very happy dog to me and obviously still enjoys his food very much. Even animals fight for life and wouldn't want to give it up easily.

shelby said...

Unfortunately with any decision you make, you always have the doubts of have you done the right me I speak from experience. From what I have read on your blog and what I have gone through with Benji, I think without a doubt you have chosen correctly to undergo chemotherapy. Yes, Prince is not himself at present but I truly believe that things will improve and it's just his little body adjusting to all the medication and treatment, you will have that quality time again with him.