Monday, 2 July 2007


We're getting close to his second dose of chemotherapy now, and I'm getting scared again. He's done really well following the first treatment and I've been pleasantly suprised, but as the next one looms up all the original fears have come back. There's no reason why he shouldn't do just as well again, it's just me being paranoid. He's going in on Wednesday, so I'll try and forget about it until then. I'm not looking forward to having to starve him the night before though - the way his appetite is at the moment he may eat me alive!


Poochfriend from D for Dog said...

Prince is a lovely boy. Do hope all goes well with next treatment. Try not to worry too much, he seems to be coping with it all quite well.

Stay strong.

Graham & Prince said...

Thanks Poochfriend - I do worry too much!