Saturday, 14 July 2007


Princes Grandparents have been over to see him this evening, and he was overjoyed as ever. A bone nearly as big as him was selected, and chewed happily for the duration of their visit. Two smaller bones were chewed after they left. I've never known an older dog enjoy chewing quite so much! No wonder he's got the teeth of a four year old!

He's been fine all day, although our walk this afternoon was somewhat ruined by the dreadful weather. It's really driving me mad now - Prince and I should be enjoying warm, sunny walks at the moment, not ploughing through deep mud and being rained on constantly. I think I'm getting SAD in July - although it does feel like October. I do hope we get some decent weather over the next few months. I really want him to be enjoying fine weather and long walks - not dodging downfalls and walking out of necessity rather than fun......

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