Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Chemo Holiday

Princes white blood cell count was back up to a healthy level today, so he's had his Epirubicin chemotherapy. He's been much better since coming home, but has been really tired having had virtually no sleep last night and having been at the hospital all day. With his current need to sleep on his back, he's been taking advantage of being able to prop himself up against me and fall asleep with his legs in the air. This gives me ample opportunity to spoil him terribly and he gets some much needed sleep. A win - win situation for all!

He's still pretty lame, and of course has issues with his cystitis, but seems much happier today. Side effects from Epirubicin usually kick in a couple of days after treatment if they're going to occur, so I've got my fingers crossed that we won't have any problems.

Ultimately, I'm pleased with how he's doing today, and I think he is too. As an added bonus, because todays treatment is so strong, he won't get any chemotherapy next week so can have a week off from the hospital!


Kerrio said...

He has leared the art of roaching (lying on your back waving your paws in the air) which makes him an honourary lurcher!

Snogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co

schnozzles said...

Hi Prince
Get your human to arrange the duvet into a nest to prop you up and as a bonus you get to put your head under if the light's too bright. Works for me, although sometimes I have to do the nesting myself:D Lots of licks Mollie xxx

P.S. Mum got me some new chews, they're like those rawhide knots but twisted sticks. Quite tasty but tricky to hold and they don't last very long.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful picture!