Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Change of Plan

Prince is home and well, but unfortunately couldn't have his Epirubicin as planned. His white blood cell count is significantly lower than it should be, and as the Epirubicin has a strong effect on the bone marrow, which produces these cells, it would have been dangerous to give it to him today. It's likely that the Cyclophosamide, which has a similar effect, has subdued the production of white blood cells and they haven't quite recovered yet. The vet assures me that this isn't a cause for major concern, as he's generally doing well and his lymph nodes are virtually normal in size. It does make him very vulnerable to infection, as his immune system is depressed, so I need to be a little careful when it comes to other dogs and other sources of bacteria and viruses. This scuppers our plans of going terrier racing on Sunday!

To keep the battle going, he had Vincristine instead, which doesn't affect bone marrow, and will have the Epirubicin next week if his white blood cell numbers have increased to a safe level. His heart scan was good, and everything else seems fine.

True to form, he's been in good shape since getting home. I've been throughly 'duffed up' for leaving him all day, he's been out for a walk and had an over-sized dinner to make up for missing breakfast. Dinner was also huge to disguise to additonal tablets he needs - antibiotics as a safeguard against infection, and drugs to help his cystitis. Prince likes tablets - tablets are good.....

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