Monday, 9 July 2007

Burning Desires

I think Princes 'plumbing' problems are getting him down a bit this evening. Strangely, whenever he goes in the garden he wanders around for ages doing 'mini-wees' - I assume because going to the toilet is uncomfortable. However, when we went out for a walk this evening he didn't seem to have any problems..... very odd.

He's still very happy in himself, and has been buzzing around all evening chewing bones and eyeing up the beef I cooked earlier, but I do think his rather unsatisfying trips to the garden are driving him mad. Let's hope the antibiotics do the trick over the next couple of days.....

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shelby said...

Hi Graham & Prince
Thanks for your kind words over Benji, it was a very difficult decision to make, but he was just existing and that wasn't nice to watch.
I still keep looking around for him and at times keep thinking that I can hear him.
I'm sure he's watching down on me.
Anyway, I hope Prince is on the mend and his 'plumbing' problems get better with the antibiotics, i'm sure they will.
I've created a 'blogger' name but i'm not entirely sure how this works, but my email address should be available to you.
Best wishes to you both