Thursday, 26 July 2007

Brighter Days

Not weather-wise of course, but Prince seems to be having a much better day today. I was awoken by him flashing his 'pearly-whites' at me, whilst lying upside down on the pillow. Breakfast was consumed, and the now familiar process of straining around the garden was completed, before we both went back to bed for an hour. Since then he's spent a lot of time on his back, some time chewing bones, we've had a period of food obsession and a short game of ball. I haven't been bullied yet today, but he did 'clamber aboard' last night to ensure that I wasn't getting ideas above my station.

He's pretty lame still with his arthritis, but his bladder does seem more comfortable today, even if he is still doing a lot of straining. All in all, he's a lot brighter than he has been for the past few days. All the kind comments we've had make a big difference - so thanks everyone.

We're going to go out for a short 'hobble' soon. Having said that, when he gets going his lameness does decrease quite a lot. I'll take it at his pace, whether that be a snails - or a hares!


Ruth said...

Its heart warming to see the love and dedication you have for Prince, no matter what the future brings, you will always do the right thing for Prince, never have regrets life is too short, enjoy each and every day as a bonus and make the most of it.

we have had 4 labs, lost first to mast cell cancer, my second has bone cancer she is 14 now we did chemo and amputation when she was 7, my third I just lost age three to leukemia, and our little puppy was diagnosed with stage 5 heart murmur aged just 10 weeks, so I can understand totally what you are facing, and dispite the pain of maybe losing them the love and joy they bring is worth every second of the pain of sadness and eventual loss.

I hope you have lots more quality time with Prince, I am sure you will, these dogs are amazingly strong.

schnozzles said...

Glad Prince is feeling perkier today!! And I hope you didn't get wet on your short hobble. Mollie has decided that she's had enough wet to keep her going, so she's taken up residence on the rug in the living room with what's left of her rawhide twist... the W word didn't even elicit a twitch!!

Beverley Cuddy said...

Hi Graham
I've mentioned you and Prince on my blog. I'm sure you'll be receiving lots of positive thoughts from other dog owners.

Graham & Prince said...

Ruths dog, Bracken, must be enormously strong and brave. Have a look at her website -

and you'll see what I mean!